Cleaning General

Complex Property Group contract cleaning provide site specific commercial cleaning services in Melbourne and other service delivery locations.

Our areas of expertise cover a range of sectors to provide:

- Detailed and General Cleaning
- Specialist window cleaners
- Grounds & Gardens maintenance
- Industrial cleaning & pressure washing

If you are an owners corporation manager, commercial property manager or a building owner and just want performance based cleaning service outcomes, let us tell you what we think is required, then compare us to your current service standard.

We provide the services required, not a standard 'run of the mill' output just based on minimum contracted hours.

Our staff are good, our equipment safe and we have the resolve to deal with cleaning issues promptly and efficiently. Building occupants, residents and owners just want the peace of mind and the ability to enjoy quality living and time in their built environment.

Please feel free to provide your details via our contact us page for a no obligation site visit or quotation and let us show you the Complex Property Group service difference. Alternatively invite us to tender at your next available opportunity.