Window Cleaning

For more than two decades CPG have been providing quality window cleaning services to corporate Australian owned and managed properties, diverse body corporate entities, sporting and recreational venues, major sporting, entertainment and cultural event facilities, and medical and educational establishments.

Professional staff consistently provide high levels of service to our diverse client base. Industrial Rope Access method, Building Maintenance Unit (BMU), and Elevated Work Platform (EWP) staff are certified and experienced in all aspects of access.

We have personnel trained and certified in all disciplines of Industrial Rope Access methodology. Industrial Rope Access (IRA) method enables access to areas that are precluded from traditional methods either by cost or logistical restrictions.

The majority of our services can be completed utilising rope access method. IRATA certified personnel supervise all rope access services delivered by Complex Property Group.

Qualified Taffic Management operators ensure strict adherence to Workcover, council and local authority regulations where required.