Project Management & Consulting Services

We currently provide various project management and consulting services to Facilities Managers, Architects, Developers, Real Estate Agents and Owners Corporation Managers. Some services provided include but are not limited to:

• Project Management of facade works and treatments
• Traffic Management and Sub Contractor Controls
• OHS assessments and workplace control

Technical Consulting & Inspections

• Engineering reports
• Facade dilapidation reports
• Visual and intrusive inspections via Industrial Rope and Building Maintenance Unit Access
• Reports and budget estimates for rectification
• Short and long term maintenance planning
• Material Laboratory Analysis
• Treatment of Concrete Cancer recommendations
• Leak Detection – Water
• Wind and air remediation recommendations
• Roof drainage assessments
• Waterproofing – steel and concrete roof
• Specialists in bituminous membrane replacement and repairs
• Asbestos containing materials
• Industrial Rope Access

Safe Access Recommendations

• Recommendations for suitable access methods to buildings under planning stages
• Advice with respect to existing building stock
• Building Maintenance Unit use and functionality
• Industrial Rope Access Risks and Improvement methodologies
• Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements

 With a long history in technical Building Engineering services, we consult to reduce risk, minimise hazards and increase property performance by assessing infrastructure, maintenance and building consumption.

The planning and management of asset maintenance and life cycle costing is imperative in increasing the value of your asset and we are experts in assessing current and future maintenance regimes to maximise your return on investment.

Our top end technical expertise is in Structural and Services Engineering, Compliance and Project Management.

Other consulting services include:

Defects & Unfinished Work Assessments
Business Continuity & Risk Mitigation
Essential Safety Measures Certification
Complex Facility Management Planning
Plant & Equipment Evaluations & Maintenance Planning
Property Condition Inspections & Technical Reports
Water & Power Reduction Initiatives & Star Ratings
Performance Evaluations & Project Quality Control
Hazardous Substances & Indoor Facility Ecology
24/7 Disaster Recovery & Site Remediation

Facility Mangement is becoming increasingly complex. The risks of contractor non-compliance, churn of staff and keeping up with changing regulations means keeping a tight grip on all aspects of property compliance can be difficult.

We simplify the process for you, by our ongoing assessment, by ensuring your property is compliant, and by improving its performance.