Defective Building Inspections

Building & Construction Defects Assessments

We inspect, assess and report on building issues and construction defects. If required, we plan and manage the rectifcation of faults and defects from geotechnical investigations right through to engineering design solutions, and contractor works.

Most of our works revolve around the identification of defective structural foundations, pool stuctures, facade panelling, balustrades, cracked walls and waterproofing deficiencies in and around retaining walls, planter boxes, basement carparks, rooftops and storm water and other services penetrations.

Services include:

- Supporting Developers & Project Managers in providing Project Quality Control

- Undertaking Defects & Unfinished works inspections

- Fitout Compliance to ensure compliance of construction and new building outcomes, particularly with respect to air conditioning, fire services integration and commissioning legitimacy. 

- Occupancy Permit Compliance

"The level of confidence in the quality of a deliverable is directly related to the investment in the quality management process."  - Department of Commerce, OICT