Risk and Compliance

As an owner or property manager, a risk and compliance audit coupled with the implementation of control measures and maintenance goes a long way to reduce the risk of injury to people and exposure to existing property hazards.

"The strength of any outsourced facility service provider lies in its ability to provide consistent reliability and mitigate risk." - Dom Bergamin, Complex Property Group.

We limit exposure and reduce the risk of loss associated with the management, occupation and use of space. Where there are hazards, we will either eliminate or control them, based on our risk assessment and client risk minimisation strategy.

Operational Risk Mitigation focuses on Risk Management and the continuity of services whether they are offices, apartments, engineering facilities or business transaction outlets.

Is it Risk or Compliance you need you concern yourself with?

Are your Essential Safety Measures being maintained and do you have a current Annual Statement of Compliance, demonstrating maintenance and operational compliance of all your building's life and fire safety services and systems?

Some of the services we offer include:

- Building Risk & Compliance Auditing
- Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
- Engineering Plant & Equipment Assessments
- Property Condition Inspections & Technical Reports
- Essential Safety Measures Auditing

We provide and implement procedures for the safe use of buildings, public access, operatoinal security and the not so common things like distress counseling and facility ecology.

"Operational Risk Mitigation is the most important aspect in ensuring reduced facility risk and owner/manager protection" - Dom Bergamin, Complex Property Group.