Maintenance Services

Just need a handyman, cleaner, carpenter or specialist contractor?

As Building Engineers, we take life-cycle maintenance of property seriously, but always in line with clients requirements.

Whether you need walls painted, windows replaced or concrete repaired, we can provide quotes as requested or undertake budgeted works as head contractors - planning, coordinating, managing all trades and services through to job completion.

Often replacement initiatives far outweigh the benefits of ongoing repairs and maintenance. We can help assess, plan, coordinate and manage both planned preventative maintenance (PPM) or repair and maintenance (R&M).

Complex Property Group take care of complex issues and specialise in Facility Management across all engineering disciplines, services and facility management operations - for both single storey, simple buildings or high rise towers.

Our expertise lies in the areas of complex, difficult works including defective and dilapidated buildings, heritage sites, and all current operating environments.